Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Historic Military Records for Arkansans

One question we get fairly frequently is how to find military records for Arkansan ancestors who may have fought in the Civil War. While we have many books on the subject in our Arkansas Collection (just type Arkansas Civil War into the search box on our catalog), we do not have any of the actual service or pension records here at the Arkansas State Library.

There are two local archives, however, that do have military information.  The first is the Arkansas History Commission.  They have Confederate Pension Records as well as Confederate Home Records. To find links to more information about these and the other records the History Commission holds, look at their Military Records page.

The second archives in Little Rock is the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies, part of the Arkansas Studies institute which is a joint venture between the Central Arkansas Library System and the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.  The Butler Center was created "for the purpose of promoting a greater understanding and appreciation of Arkansas history, literature, art, and culture."

Both of these institutions are great resources for anyone looking for more information about the history of Arkansas and their own family's place in that history. And don't forget to check out our own Arkansas Collection of books.