Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Poem in Your Pocket Day

April is National Poetry Month, and tomorrow, Thursday April 26th, is Poem in Your Pocket Day. What is Poem in Your Pocket Day? Here is the description from
The idea is simple: select a poem you love during National Poetry Month then carry it with you to share with co-workers, family, and friends. You can also share your poem selection on Twitter by using the hashtag #pocketpoem.
Need help finding a poem? There are many good resources available online, including the Poetry and Literature page of the Library of Congress,  the Scottish Poetry Library, the Poem-a-Day email from, and Poetry Archive. Check out Arkansas poets Maya Angelou, Miller Williams, and C.D. Wright. And of course, your local library will have plenty of books of poetry to choose from - we even have some here at the Arkansas State Library.

So go find a poem and share it tomorrow.